A Year in Acoustics

Matt Elliott: September 2021

A Year in Acoustics – And what year it’s been! While graduating in the midst of a global pandemic, careers prospects across the board for graduates seemed bleak, with programmes being cancelled and entry level jobs becoming evermore limited. And while I left university not having a specific career path in mind, the hope of finding a job I would enjoy became ever more daunting.

Having written my third year dissertation on the topic of the UK’s planning system, and housing crisis, I knew this sector was an area I had great interest in. An opportunity in acoustics was posted and I read more about the role and responsibilities it would entail, and Lo and behold it surprised me how many of the elements that I had been looking for crossed over in a career I had never heard of!  

I subsequently applied for the role and was successful, thus starting my acoustics journey. While I didn’t know what to expect, I was excited and intrigued about what my day to day would look like. Following this, my primary roles as a graduate were and still are, completing site works, including noise surveys and relevant note taking, which I thoroughly enjoy, as working outside and on different sites means no two days are ever the same. Also, through prepping reports for consultants, it has given me a better understanding of the necessary steps required in producing various noise impact assessments.

Through working with colleagues on various project and having experience in the industry, I feel I have progressed my knowledge significantly, not only in acoustics but the wider environmental planning sector. 

I’ve since had a great year in the industry, being exposed to so many of the different aspects that goes in to acoustics, learning new elements daily, and visiting places I would never have got the chance to if it not for my job. 

I thoroughly look forward to the next year, and hopefully many years to come in the industry.

Acoustic Consultant

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