Air Quality Monitoring – Birmingham


Our Principal Air Quality Consultant conducted a longitudinal study using diffusion tubes to monitor air quality at a school in Birmingham.

The school is located next to a busy road, surrounded by motor vehicles and suffers from high levels of road traffic emissions during peak hours. In an effort to monitor and assess nitrogen dioxide (NO2) concentrations in the school atmosphere, the school administration appointed Omnia to conduct an Air Quality Assessment on the school grounds.

The purpose of the study was to measure NO2 concentrations in the MGPA atmosphere and assess the risk associated with NO2 exposure to children, teachers, staff, and other visitors to the school.

Tube attached to pole for air quality monitoring purposes
Air Quality Consultant putting tube in place for air quality monitoring

Scope of Works:

Diffusion tubes were used to measure NO2 concentrations at the MGPA. The tubes were placed in four different locations at the school: the playground, the parking lot, the entrance, and the exit. Each tube was left in place for four weeks and the results were compared to the UK air quality objective of 40 μg/m3.


The results of the study showed that NO2 levels at the MGPA were below the UK air quality objective due to nearby road closures during the time of monitoring. The results of the analysis showed that the nitrogen dioxide levels were reasonably acceptable.

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