Coal Mining Risk Assessment

Omnia were commissioned to undertake a combined Phase I Desk Study including an accompanying Coal Mining Risk Assessment (CMRA) for planning application purposes for the construction of new industrial units within an existing industrial estate.

The site and the surrounding area has a long history of coal mining; including both opencast and underground mine workings.

Scope of Works

The CMRA was conducted in conjunction with the Phase I Desk Study to incorporate coal mining data from a plethora of sources, including the Coal Authority and British Geological Survey (BGS) to assess the impact that legacy coal mining activity would pose to the future construction of the site.


The CMRA identified four coal seams beneath the site, two which were classified as shallow to the ground surface. Furthermore, to add to the complexity of the situation the site has been identified as lying within an old historic opencast working with multiple high wall features.

This had led to the recommended requirement of intrusive ground investigation works such as rotary borehole to investigate the depth to, and thickness of, anticipated coal seams (s), as well as, the condition of the overlying strata beneath the site for potential workings which could affect the stability of the ground surface. A method of investigation highlighted within CIRIA guidance document C758D and indorsed by the
Coal Authority. Omnia are continuously in talks with the client to aid them throughout the process and if required Omnia Consulting are able to carry out the ground investigation works of this nature.

Ground Investigation

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