Concise Minerals Resource Assessment – West Sussex


Omnia were commissioned to undertake a concise Mineral Resource Assessment at a site in West Sussex. At feasibility stage it was considered that given the limited size of the site (0.66 ha) and surrounding residential and light industrial setting, alongside hydrogeological settings that a concise report would be appropriate as it was considered likely that extraction would not be economically viable.

Scope of Works

Works to produce the concise MRA included:

  • Consideration of the requirements of the Minerals and Waste Safeguarding Guidance and Policy of the Joint Minerals Local Plan;
  • Review of previously completed site investigation information; and,
  • Local data search via online BGS Mapping to assess the geological setting of the site, including review of local historical boreholes in the area within close proximity to the site.

The standalone Minerals Resource Assessment was reported and included:

  • Assessment of mineral resource present beneath the site;
  • Assessment of workable area taking into account required standoffs from buildings, infrastructure and trees;
  • Assessment of the volume of workable mineral resource present beneath the site;
  • An assessment of whether the pre-construction working of the site would prevent or render unviable the implementation of the development within the timescales of the Local Plan.


The MRA determined that the site would be unlikely to prove economically viable for extraction due to the following reasons:

  • Small size of the site (0.66ha);
  • Limited thickness of Head Gravel (1.80m) containing up to 22% fines;
  • Limited Thickness of Raised Beach Deposits (0.60m) containing up to 24% fines and 15% gravel.
  • Likely requirement for the dewatering excavations due to shallow water table as set out above;
  • The location of the site which is in a primarily horticultural/light industrial area with residential properties

The findings of the Minerals Resource Assessment were accepted by the Local Authority.

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