The Importance of Site Investigation for Foundation Design

Rhys Bradley: October 2021

Why do we carry out site investigations?

Site investigation is a fundamental aspect in foundation design, to assess the heterogeneous nature of the ground and to prevent potential failure of the foundation through comprehensive geotechnical evaluation of ground conditions beneath a potential development. Omnia has a team of highly qualified individuals and we use a multi-disciplinary approach to our work to assess ground conditions via the in-situ and laboratory testing methods to aid in foundation design.

It is important to understand ground conditions while conducting a geotechnical site investigation, to conform to regulations set out by the NHBC, CIRIA and alike so that safety and the structural integrity of development can be observed.

What methods are used during a site investigation?

Site investigations aid foundation design by collecting a diverse array of data sets both in-situ; such as TRL probing and Hand Shear Vanes, as well as, the collection of soil samples to be submitted to geotechnical laboratory specialists under UKAS accreditation. The collection of samples and data points are aided through the use of various intrusive ground methods, which can assess the ground conditions in both  the near-surface and deep sub-surface through techniques such as hand pitting, windowless sampling, cable percussive drilling and rotary coring. Geotechnical site investigations are tailor-designed to the client’s specifications and architectural concepts to assess the suitability of plans, as well as aiding in the structural design of future construction. Omnia can also provide a geotechnical assessment of current structures to assess ground conditions of buildings suffering from issues like differential settlement.

Geotechnical site investigations are an indispensable process for assessing the ground conditions to aid in foundation design, as the data obtained by our qualified engineers support further processes in the construction of a building to ensure its structural viability and maintain its suitability for future occupancies.

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