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One of our projects in Sussex is approaching the final stages of a long running complex site–investigation. The works are associated with the redevelopment of a parcel of land adjacent to the River Adur to a mixed commercial and residential end use. Omnia were asked to provide our client with geo-environmental consultancy support which would assist them with their design and planning process.Our aim was to obtain the necessary information to provide the client with an understanding of potential environmental liabilities and risk associated with the ground conditions on site.

Our work started with a desk top study, which progressed to phased intrusive investigations including cable percussion and windowless boreholes sampling and associated groundwater sampling.

During the investigation elevated TPH (Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons) were identified, which  was recovered as a thick, gloopy Non-aqueous Phase Liquid (NAPL) product. From a review of historic mapping, onsite observation and assessment of the product it was concluded that a neighbouring  adjacent scrap dealer was a potential  source.

Phased investigation allowed the estimated plume area to be reduced by 25% which assisted in a reduced remediation requirement for costing purposes.

Omnia have now been appointed as the Clients Consultant for the remediation phase allowing site presence and review of remedial activities as the site progresses.

Some of the free product recovery techniques used by the remediation contractor include down hole bailers to collect product alongside the use of belt skimmers. The belt skimmer is placed in the borehole and acts like a conveyer belt, allowing the product to be brought to the surface before being collected  and the product allowed to run into an IBC for disposal.

We look forward to continued involvement in this project, seeing the remediation phase completed, and the redevelopment of this area to continue.

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