Investing in Mental Health 

We all know the importance of investing in health and wellbeing. At Omnia, we are taking steps to support our team with their mental health (MH) as well as their physical health, recognising that the way our team members think and feel is a vital part of Omnia’s culture.

Along with our current health and safety procedures, we now have four MH Champions, a MH First Aider Support Plan in place and a new Mental Health & Wellbeing Policy.

Omnia’s Health and Safety Consultant, John Simmons, has been instrumental in improving our MH awareness and support across the company. He said:

“We recognise that tackling mental health issues in the workplace is just as important as any other business function and having a team in place who are able to support employees with mental health challenges allows us to achieve this and is in line with our core principles.

We hope that by having trained mental health first aiders around the workplace, employees will feel assured and confident in sharing concerns. This is often the first important barrier to break down when supporting someone with a mental health concern such as anxiety or depression.”

Last year we also launched our Omniverse platform which includes a Wellbeing Centre, with tips for healthy eating, fitness, mental health and financial advice. We also chose to include an Employee Assistance Programme, giving our team access to immediate information, answers and confidential advice from professionally trained counsellors.

Our Mental Health Champions: Annabel, Georgia, John, Matt

We have been pleased with the response from our employees to our recent steps in improving support and awareness of MH and hope to continue this success:

“I regularly enjoy browsing around the Wellbeing Centre and particularly like that there are lots of healthy recipes to choose from and have used a few already. Having the option to visit the employee assistance programme for some confidential advice is reassuring knowing that there is somewhere to go should things become too much!”

“At Omnia, I always know I have someone to turn to if things get a bit too much and there’s plenty of resources to use to help with physical and mental wellbeing.”

“The Wellbeing Centre has been so helpful. I’ve been regularly using the recipes and the exercise videos and I feel so good for investing time in my wellbeing.”

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