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A good Acoustic environment is essential for health, enjoyment and ensuring good communication and concentration. Whether it be for the construction of a residential development, the proposal for an educational centre or the replacement of commercial plant, here at Omnia, we have the in-house expertise to assist with your acoustic needs from advice to planning. We pride ourselves in being leading acoustic consultants working with clients across the UK.

Omnia can support our clients by testing and monitoring acoustics from the initial planning of a project, through to construction and the final stages of a development. Our Acousticians have the knowledge and experience to understand that no two projects are the same and therefore tailor our services to suit the individual project.

Our acoustic services include:

  • Noise Impact Assessments
  • Environmental Statement (ES) chapters
  • Construction Noise and Vibration
  • Sound Insulation Testing

Noise Impact assessment

A Noise Impact Assessment is a detailed noise survey requested by local authorities in order to identify any environmental acoustic impact from development. This type of assessment involves an assessment of the existing noise environment and the comparison of the predicted noise level generated by the proposed development. Noise Impact Assessment is usually requested by a Planning Officer or by Local Authorities due to concerns relating to the construction of new residential or high noise areas.

Environmental Statement

Environmental Statements are prepared by an applicant as part of an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) in support of certain planning applications. It is then used to inform decision makers regarding the environmental implications of a potential development. It also provides information for Statutory Conultees and other interested organisations and even members of the public providing a basis for consultation.

Construction Noise and Vibration

Construction Noise and Vibration Assessments are undertaken prior to any construction work commencing, as required by planning permission in accordance with the guidance in BS 5228. The purpose of this assessment is to determine the predicted levels of noise and vibration arising from the construction project. Suitable migration methods are then implemented into the construction plan in order to limit this. A Construction Noise and Vibration Assessment is completed before the initial construction and again during the construction to ensure that local residents and businesses are not damaged by excessive vibration levels.

Sound Insulation Testing

A Sound Insulation Test is undertaken in order to check elements of a building for their sound insulation performance in accordance with the building regulations. Building Regulations ask that dwellings are tested before completion (pre-completion testing) in order to demonstrate suitable sound insulation.

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