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Any development, whether it be commercial or residential, has the potential to affect or be affected by Air Quality.

Omnia offer a range of services across property and construction, commercial and industrial and retail sectors to assist with the mitigation, compliance and planning of any development.

We can carry out our air quality services before, during and after construction, depending on the specific project.

Our air quality services include:

  • Air quality assessments
  • Air quality monitoring
  • Dispersion Modelling Assessments
  • Odour Assessments

Air Quality Assessments

An Air Quality Assessment can be used by the local planning authority to determine if a proposed development will have any negative effects on the air quality of the local area. This is an integral part of air quality control and is done by assessing the expected emissions in relation to the number of homes proposed as well as the impact from construction activities, car and any other contributing vehicle movements. An Air Quality Assessment can also help to assess the impact of air quality inside the building that will be occupied by future residents.

Air Quality Monitoring

Air Quality Monitoring is the systematic and long term assessment of pollutant levels by measuring the quality and different types of pollutants in the surrounding environment. This is an integral part of effective air quality management as it provides data to the general public as well as information on air quality trends, supporting research for long-term studies of the health effects of air pollution.

Dispersion Modelling Assessments

Air Dispersion Modelling (AMD) is an air emissions risk that uses detailed modelling in order to identify if air emissions could be potentially harmful to the environment or to human health.
Dispersion modelling is a critical tool in the determination of possible pollutant concentrations, meaning assessments are often required to support environmental permit and planning applications. They can also be used to investigate and aid the design of mitigation to limit potential air quality impacts and test a variety of different scenarios in order to identify benefits and limitations.

Odour Assessments

Whether you are planning on developing a residential plot in the same vicinity as an existing oder source, or you need to provide an Odour Managements Plan (OMP) to accompany your environmental permit application at Omnia we provide a comprehensive service relating to odour investigation and assessment. We ensure that our odour assessments are in line with the Guidance of the Assessment of odour planning using predictive and observational methods to determine the severity of any adverse effects on amenity due to odour.

Air quality assessments

We provide air quality assessments for residential & commercial projects across the United Kingdom. Air quality assessments can be a crucial part of your planning application. Our air quality assessments can help you identify any future problems with your project alongside helping you move forward to the next stage of your development. We pride ourselves in being leading air quality consultants working with clients across the UK.



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