Groundwater represents a major receptor for any contamination that is present within a site.

Where contamination has been identified transfer to underling groundwater can lead to significant implications on the development. Once contamination has entered groundwater the movement of impact should be assessed through detailed modelling, within a Detailed Quantitative Risk Assessment (DQRA). The DQRA assesses the site settings in order to determine if concentrations present a significant risk, and if so allows for the derivation of remedial clean up values.

Groundwater is usually obtained from installed monitoring points on three occasions, in order to obtain a representative overview of the groundwater concentrations below the site. This is completed during the Phase 2 ground investigation works, although can be undertaken as return works as deemed necessary.

Omnia Environmental Consulting have a team of in house Hydrogeologists that have worked on highly contaminated sites, achieving regulator sign off in conjunction with cost effective approaches, often leaving impacted ground in place.

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