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We have full in-house expertise to assist you with your Plate Load Bearing Tests.

Plate load bearing testing is a soil testing method that is used to determine the bearing capacity of a soil or surface. This type of testing is used to ensure that a foundation or other structure will be able to support the weight of the building or other object. Plate Load Bearing Testing can also help to ensure that the soil conditions will be suitable for whatever construction project the foundation is meant to support.

The method uses a small plate with a known weight attached to it which is then placed onto a section of the substrate being tested, such as soil or asphalt. The pressure applied by the plate increases until the sample fails. Plate load bearing testing can provide information about how much weight a given area of soil or other material can bear before collapsing – useful if you need to know what materials should be used in your current construction project.

Once tested we will supply a full report outlining the ultimate bearing capacity of the foundation.

We have been providing plate load testing and plate bearing tests for over 8 years and have a wealth of experience in interpreting your needs.

With offices throughout the United Kingdom we can quickly arrange a test no matter where you are in the country.

Need our expertise to support your project? 

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