Women in Construction

The construction and consulting industry is fast paced, varied and challenging, which is why I enjoy working within it. I am able to work on a wide range of interesting projects and assist in resolving technical problems; no two days are the same. I enjoy telling people what my job is, as most people aren’t aware that what we do is crucial to the developments they see going up across the UK.

The construction industry has historically been perceived as being a male-dominated industry. A simple google search will confirm this; “13% of construction workers are female” and “the construction industry has the worst gender pay gap in the UK”*. In my experience, men are still the most prevalent gender in this industry by quite some margin. The majority of clients and contractors we speak to on a daily basis are men, and just recently I was on a training course where I was the only woman in the room. However, in recent years we are seeing a large shift in women joining the industry, but most importantly women are progressing into senior and management roles. This shows new female employees that enter this industry that there is a career pathway for them, not just a job.

At Omnia, I’m lucky to be surrounded by a fantastic group of like-minded female colleagues, who all have a wealth of experience. Our management team is split equally between men and women, which is something that really appealed to me when I joined Omnia. They support our personal growth and frequently promote internally, which helps the women in our team get into those senior roles. Likewise, I’ve recently seen the number of women joining the industry at graduate and consultant level is increasing.

There’s still a lot of work to be done. I’ve experienced some uncomfortable situations on site, as have some of my female colleagues, however the more we work to break down these stereotypes the less frequent these situations will get. I regularly see LinkedIn posts from consultancy and construction firms, including Omnia, promoting women in construction and highlighting female achievements. I’m confident that if we keep continuing as we are, there will be a more equal working environment within this industry.

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